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Centralized informational and networking Web Site hub to help efforts to Save Los Encinos State Historic Park in Encino, California



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Los Encinos State Historic Park

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Welcome to Save Los Encinos

This is a web site hub, group, social / community network dedicated to Los Encinos State Historic Park, born when the park was threatened with closure back in 2012. Surviving that crisis, SaveLosEncinos.org continues to be a web based watering hole for information about and support of Los Encinos State Historic Park and the Los Encinos Docent Association.

SaveLosEncinos.org is a place where people can find out about volunteering, get information, and get involved. This centralized web site links to key Los Encinos resources making it a great one stop site for everything Los Encinos. A creative cooperative community effort stepped up when the park was at risk. This site is intended to be a place where this type of cooperation will continue.

A few years ago, California state budget cuts (and uncounted state park funds) left Los Encinos and sixty-nine other state parks on schedule to close in 2012. Members of the community, local organizations, volunteers, and other stakeholders worked together to keep parks open. Los Encinos was scheduled to be closed July 2012. With the help of many interest parties, we SaveD Los Encinos and kept this special park open.

State Senator, Fran Pavley, writes in correspondence about keeping the park open that part of her efforts include, "...working with the Los Encinos Docent Association and the City of Los Angeles to help form a partnership that could keep the park open." The Los Encinos Docent Association is a major player in keeping the park open.

Help us increase awareness about Los Encinos State Historic Park or volunteer in a range of capacities. Anyone interested in the park can pledge your generous support now. Community involvement, awareness, and fundraising are all parts of the puzzle keeping Los Encinos SHP a vibrant and special piece of California. This involves a three part campaign approach: AWARENESS, INVOLVEMENT and SUPPORT.

Follow us on Twitter. It's important to get the word out about the park and the need for help from the community.

Visit often to see what's new and how the network dedicated to Saving Los Encinos Park is growing.

Thanks and please join the effort today!

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